• Amy Buechler

    Batch Director at Y Combinator

    Executive Coach specializing in startup founders

    now accepting new clients

  • About

    My work as an Executive Coach at Y Combinator and my training as a therapist give me powerful insight into the high-stakes, high-pressure chaos that accompanies startup life.


    My experience working closely with hundreds of the world’s best startup founders is indispensable in helping my clients understand and effectively navigate the emotional and interpersonal landscape of a rapidly growing company.


    Scaling a company requires that you scale yourself, and I'll support your growth with an engaged, honest, and practical approach.


    I specialize in working with startup founders, either individually or as a founding team, and can also work successfully with anyone who works at a startup and reports to the founder. My work looks different depending on each client’s particular needs.

  • Contact Me

    I can help you or your team:

    • Manage stress, anxiety, or feelings of burnout so that you can bring your best self to the table
    • Troubleshoot broken and exhausting communication patterns in you, your founding team, or your exec team to pinpoint exactly what needs to change in order to achieve realignment (and get back to business)
    • Find a sustainable balance between work, life, love, and play
    • Understand the interpersonal dynamics that are getting in the way of your joy and your company’s goals, and help you find ways to dissolve them
    I'm also available for speaking engagements, communication workshops (for your company, your team, or your fund), or to discuss other meaningful collaboration.